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Nutritional Value

Meat is known as the food including high quality biological protein (the term high quality biological protein means that the specific food includes all the amino acids).

According to researches, beef and pork don’t have significant differences in the concentration of proteins.

Specifically, 100gr of pork filet provides us with 20gr of protein, exactly as much as 100gr of beef filet. We must not that the proteins constitute a basic structural element of all the cells, antibodies, enzymes and most of the hormones of the human body.

The proteins are especially important and useful during early childhood, childhood and puberty, since they are used for the structure of new tissue, They are also very important during the periods of  pregnancy and old age, for athletes and people recovering from surgery.

Meat protein is a high quality biological protein, including all the necessary amino acids essential to the human body.

Meat is also considered as a significantly rich source of micronutrients, minerals/iron, phosphorous, zinc, all very important for our body.

Vitamin A and vitamin complexes coming from the beef meat and the liver fat are plentiful

The meet protein is comparatively equivalent to that of the chicken, fish, egg and milk.

Chicken meet also provides a significantly high quality biological protein. The white meat has less fat than the darker. Most fat is located on the skin, and for this reason it should be removed before cooking.
Chicken meat is very rich in B6 Vitamin, necessary for a number of processes of the human body, such as the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, the production of red cells and the strengthening of the immune system.
Additionally, chicken meat is rich in Vitamin B3, necessary for the metabolism of food, the good functioning of the digestive system, the skin and nerves. One chicken meal can offer the human body with 36% of the daily needs in Vitamin B6, and 72% of the daily needs in Vitamin B3. Also chicken meat has a high concentration in phosphorous, a micronutrient contributing in the development of and the good health of teeth and bones.

The following chart displays a synoptic proportion in fat/meat of meat/poultry:

Percentage proportion of the various Fatty acids in the meat and poultry fat.

Saturated Monounsaturated Polyunsaturated
Lamb 52 40 5
Beef 44 50 4
Pork 43 47 8
Chicken 35 48 16

Therefore if you are paying attention to your diet, you should prefer meat parts with less saturated fatty acids, and more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Referring to organic meat, we can underline that the nutritional value is approximately the same as to the common meat.

The important difference is that it doesn’t charge your body with harmful substances such as medication, hormones etc.

The taste though is beyond compare better and can be consumed with safety even by small children.

Our Company’s main concern is the provision of the best quality in meat, including organic meat in many cases, in order for the final product to reach the consumer’s table tasty and always safe..