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KANAVITSADOS G.  P.C. under the distinctive title “LOUKOUMI”, was founded in the end of 2016 in order to expand the owned brandname “LOUKOUMI” through the Franchise method, and the provision of specialized support services to the registered into the network Franchisees.

Our headquarters are based in Perea Thessaloniki.

The basic intention of “LOUKOUMI” is the development of catering establishments with the Franchise method.

The businesses which will enter our company’s foundations will be able to provide high level and high quality catering services.

The 53 different kinds of meat products in combination to the bread products, the salads and the expertise of the founders provide a dynamic with more than 3.000 different tastes of Greece.

Mr. George Kanavitsados having years of experience, in his field of operations, obtain the ability to ensure the successful organization and smooth operation of a catering establishment with a Greek flavor.

Mr Kanavitsados is an entrepreneur counting more than 10 year experience in the catering business, in research and promoting new innovative meat products and vegetarian dishes.

The pilot establishment that constitutes the contract development of the project and a successful concept, operates in the local Greek market for 10 years, under the management of Mr. Kanavitsados.

Through the existing and proven operational procedures of the pilot establishment in Perea Thessaloniki,  the smooth operation of a profitable activity is ensured



“LOUKOUMI” by its LOUKOUMI FINANCE SUPPORT TEAM and CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT TEAM, supports all interested parties with important tools, such as:

Business Viability Plan, including the Country’s Market Research, the definition of the break- even point of the shop’s operation, the proactive income statement, the definition of Net Present Value (NPV) of the investment, and the time of reimbursement of the Invested Capital, and the Real Time training.

Construction and operation of LOUKOUMI including the study, designing, and the construction companies on site, close after the signing of the Franchise contract. The monitoring of the catering motif, the support by experienced executives until the smooth functioning of the business and the management of complaints.

LOUKOUMI Operation and Administration Manual including the organization structure of the business, the operation of the machinery, the correct management of the Raw Materials and Merchandise, the Hygiene and Safety Rules, Storing, Customer Service, Human Resources management, Quality System management.


Every LOUKOUMI restaurant, besides being a favorite EATING PLACE, will become a favorite WAY OF EATING. Our success is based on the trifecta QUALITY, SPEED and VALUE towards our customer..